Telling Tales: Illuminated Stories by LZF Lamps

Silver always arrives at Dr. Stanford’s clinic in the late afternoon. He goes once a month. He is always very elegant. Today he has to wait as the doctor is still with a patient; the winter has colds running rife among the school children. Her clinic is a pediatric one. I’m positive he’s run into Mrs. Andersen and her children in the waiting room.

The Anderson children are always ill and are at the clinic every month. I think they are pretending—all they really want to do is spend an afternoon in Dr. Stanford’s play room.

Children these days are very smart—they even know how to lie. I never learnt how to. I only know how to imagine, which is different.

Mrs. Anderson leaves the building holding her daughter by the hand, which means he is already entering into Dr. Stanford's office. I think he’s French—all men that carry a suitcase and wear a hat are French or bachelors, or maybe even both. 

He greets her by her name, Ava, and she tells him how much she’s missed him.

Silver is a couturier. Dr. Stanford doesn’t have time to go shopping, I hardly ever see her go out; she’s too busy looking after our children. Well, I mean, other people’s children—I still don’t have any. Silver will unpack some of his new creations that he’s brought for Ava to try—they are stunning.

I wonder when Dr. Stanford actually has the time to wear all these dresses?

It has started to snow. Ava will tell Silver that he can’t possibly leave now, not in this cold. They’ll spend the night together. He will tell her about all the cities he’s been to and she’ll ask him lots of questions: if he likes to dance, or if he also makes clothes for men, or why he never gets sick? The reason Ava asks him so many questions, is because she doesn’t dare ask him the one question she has been wanting to ask him for a very long time.

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