Hagy Belzberg Designs Dynamic Mexico City Office Building for Grupo Anima

Upper levels are ringed by 3-foot-deep balconies. Photography by Roland Halbe.

Aluminum strips define the exterior of Belzberg Architects’s office building. Photography by Roland Halbe.

While the strips appear to pierce the curtain wall, they actually just touch it. Photography by Roland Halbe.

A vacant private office with porcelain floor tile has been staged with a table and chairs by Charles and Ray Eames. Photography by Roland Halbe.

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Tom Dixon: Pendant Fixtures.

Stones Piedras Naturales: Floor Tile.

Herman Miller: Table, Chairs.

A roof terrace tops the nine-story building. Photography by Roland Halbe.

Oak-veneered slats morph into a bench in the reception area, where other seating is Eames, and the table is Isamu Noguchi. Photography by Alberto Limón.

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Stones Piedras Naturales: Floor Tile.

Herman Miller: Table, Chairs, Sofa.

Sharda: Rug.

In a break-out area, the strips support desk-tops in lacquered MDF. Photography by Roland Halbe.

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Floorboards in all office areas are engineered oak. Photography by Roland Halbe.

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Herman Miller: Workstations, Task Chairs, Shell Chairs.

Magis: Spinning Chairs.

At night, the tinted glass behind the strips appears to dissolve. Photography by Roland Halbe.

The trellis over the terrace is painted steel. Photography by Roland Halbe.

Jongeriuslab’s chair occupies a lounge. Photography by Roland Halbe.

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Vitra International: Tables, Chair.

 LED tape on the trellis illuminates a built-in concrete bench. Photography by Arturo Limón.

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CB2: Green Chairs.

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